Based at Pramwash's Tradehub 21 store, Sparkling Car Polishing is led by car grooming veteran, Mr Tan, who has over 20 years of experience supporting authorized car dealer in Singapore to deliver sparkling brand new cars to customers. Unlike common believe that brand new car should be already new and has no stains or dirt to clean, many actually have layers of dirt, oil and water marks built up due to shipping and weather condition, despite having protection sheets covering the car. 

Cosharing the space with Pramwash provides a one stop solution for parents who wants to rejuvenate their car while their baby's ride (pram/ car seat) is undergoing a transformation. 

Mr Tan brings you the best of car polishing services with a 4 stage method for a sparkling result:

Stage 1: Exterior wash, claying and glaze. 

Stage 2: Surface correction with polishing to reduce fine scratches/ stains and wax for surface shine.

Stage 3: Chemical cleaning of wheels, blackening of rims and tyres.

Stage 4: Cleaning all glass panels, interior cleaning and vacuum.

Each session takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete.